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General Test-Taking Tips

  • Prepare ahead of time! We know what is on the Keystone Exam, so be sure to use the resources on this wiki to help you!
  • Be sure to get good rest the night before the exam.
  • The night before, pick out some of your favorite comfortable clothing to wear for test day. You don't want to have a rough morning getting dressed the day of the test.
  • Think about bringing a bottle of water to sip on during the test.

  • Try to relax, take your time, and think through the questions.
  • Read all parts of the question!
  • Carefully look at diagrams, paying close attention to captions, headings, and labels.
  • For tackling a tough multiple choice question - try to eliminate a few of the answers and then make your best guess from the choices that are left.
  • For open-ended responses, highlight/underline important information and make sure to answer ALL parts of the question.

Keystone Details from PDE

The document linked below will tell you have many questions will be in the Keystone Exam, how many will be multiple choice, how many will be constructed response, and how long it should take.
Exam Design Overview

The document linked below will explain the levels of complexity you will see if the Keystone Exam questions - why are some considered "easy," "medium," and "hard."
Understanding the Depth of Knowledge & Cognitive Complexity of the Keystone Exams

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