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Thanks for visiting our English Keystone Prep wiki. We hope you find these materials helpful as you prepare. We are very proud of you for taking responsibility for your education. Feel free to contact Mrs. Lenick, English Department Chair, or Mr. Tayman, Technology Coach, with any questions.

Exam at a Glance:

  • Test is made up of 2 modules. Module One covers Fiction. Module Two covers Nonfiction.
  • Module One: 23 multiple choice, 4 constructed response.
  • Module Two: 23 multiple choice, 4 constructed response.
  • Total: 46 Multiple choice Questions, 8 Constructed Response
  • NOTE: 12 of the multiple choice questions (6 in each module) and 2 of the constructed response will not count toward your score as they are "field testing" these as possible future questions. We will not know which questions are the field test questions and which ones will count.
  • Estimated to take 146 minutes to complete both modules. It is not timed.
  • Constructed Response will be scored on a 0 - 4 scale using this rubric.

How to Prepare:

START --> USA Test Prep --> Khan Academy and Other Helpful Sites --> Test Taking Tips --> Work on Practice Keystone Exam --> Ace the Keystone Exam!

Resource 1 USA Test Prep

This should be should be your main tool to study.

Account ID: mustangs87
school username (First Name, Middle Initial, Day of Month you were born - ex: JohnHS03)
school password (Uppercase initials, 4 numbers, and lower case SW. ex: JH####sw)

How to Use It:
Click Keystone along the top, then select Keystone Literature. [ show me ]

Then choose to Take a Test.

Take A test.PNG

Note: You will have some options. If you take the full test -100% option, this could take several hours.
We would recommend that you work on specific reporting categories and complete one at a time.
[ show me ]

The main screen will show you what Categories you have worked on, and how you are doing. Continue working until you have mastered all sections.

You are looking for green circles or yellow stars!

Dot Key.PNG

Resource 2 Additional Websites

Interactive Online Test Prep
CUNY Test Prep- This is an interactive tutorial from the City University of New York (CUNY). Although the tutorial prepares prospective students for the university's reading entrance exam, the strategies presented are universal and apply to ALL types of reading exams, including Keystones, S.A.T.'s, and G.E.D.'s.

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